Capacity Building

Capacity Building

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Implementation of e-Governance projects is being increasingly outsourced. Hence, there is a pressing need for dedicated teams within Departments with competencies to manage e-Governance projects.

A virtual IT cadre will create a pool of knowledge in the Government. It will also lead to easier acceptance of e-Governance, better prioritization, process re-engineering and management of SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

In due course a good number of officers will develop required competencies through this arrangement.

The Government of Pudhucherry is implementing numerous e-Governance projects across various UT Departments. In order to ensure successful implementation of these initiatives and sustained development of e-Governance in the line departments, it is necessary to create strong IT teams with expertise of IT and capabilities to provide direction and leadership in these departments. ICTACT has proposed the below courses.

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate-CCNA-Level.1.
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate-CCNA-Level.2.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services.
  • Data Centre Virtualization.
  • Data Science and Big Data Analytics.
  • Data Base Administration.
  • Developing Asp.Net MVC 4 Web Application.
  • Programming in C#.
  • Querying Microsoft Sql Server.
  • Software Development Fundamentals.
  • Window Server Administration.
  • All the proposed courses are developed with inputs from the Industry. ICTACT shall train the Government officials through its expert trainers. At the end of the Course there will be a team of E. Governance expert with Each Department.